DIY Buyers' Guide

DIY Buyers' Guide


The DIY Buyers' Guide is an indispensable aid for assortment design in DIY and home improvement stores as well as specialty stores with do-it-yourself and garden departments.

The DIY Buyer's Guide is an indispensable aid to assortment design in DIY stores and specialist stores with do-it-yourself and garden departments.

The information from the DIY Buyer's Guide is also available on the Internet at The companies listed can be searched for and selected according to the selection criteria product group, products, company name or location.

Divided into twelve product groups, the DIY Buyers' Guide contains addresses and important additional details of international manufacturers of DIY products, suppliers of store fittings and furnishings, and service providers.

The product groups listed:

  • Wood
  • Building materials
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Tools, hardware
  • Interior decoration
  • Electric
  • Garden
  • Do-it-yourself furniture
  • Car and two-wheeler
  • Handicrafts, leisure and other
  • Store furnishing and equipment
  • Services

Every year a revised and updated bilingual edition (German/English) is published.


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